A downloadable Kart for macOS

Go kart GO!

Go Around the track and do all the crazing stunts and tricks.

Plans for the game:
-Working Title Screen
-Have optimal HTML5, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows (Maybe) ports of the game.

These plans will be deleted from this list as time progresses, once deleted. out it means it is completed.

-Game is NOT fully 100% done.
-The game uses large 3D assets, if you have a small laptop or PC this game will NOT run functionally
-This game can run amazing on a MAC
-Windows is having some issues, (Such has when opening the game the player is missing a bunch of DLL files to run the game) If anyone wants to help me feel free.

This game was made under 72 hours under the #IndiesVsPewdiepie in November in Gamejolt. Now this game is power driven (punz) by Scott Cawthon's amazing speach. Link can be found here

Install instructions

Installation for Mac

  1. Download the game
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Play the non-virus game.


Kart.app.zip 108 MB

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